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Cactus Pendant Stones 3 Red and 2 Turquoise


Handcrafted pendant made with the lost-wax casting technique, with natural bronze cactus, natural garnet-colored and aqua seawater-colored stones

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Jewelry maintenance

Jewelry “Maria Patrizia Marra Jewel” are made of bronze, an alloy that fears moisture and reacts differently depending on the degree of acidity of the wearer’s skin. The color of the metal is the natural ..

Possible effects

The jewel can darken and leave a greenish halo on the skin. This is absolutely normal and is not harmful to the wearer.

The solutions

To solve this possible inconvenience, it is suggested to lay un thin veil of transparent enamel on the inside of rings and bracelets..

To clean the jewelry simply rub ito with vinegar mixed with water e ammonia (in three equal parts), o alternatively di use special products for cleaning silverware, applying them in small amounts to the object rinsing then with lukewarm water and drying well with a soft cloth.


It is suggested to storing the jewelry in Bronze in drawers or in the jewelry box while still avoiding damp environments. In the latter case, it is advisable to wrap each piece of jewelry in a soft cloth by adding some rice directly into the cloth or drawer so that it absorbs moisture.

Additional information


Natural Bronze




6.5 x 6 without stones, 9 cm x 9 cm



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