My story

Maria Patrizia Marra

Maria Patrizia Marra was born and spent her early youth in Salento, a stone’s throw from the sea, amid the fragrances of the red earth when the rain bathes it, in her country home adorned with olive and prickly pear trees.

Environments and fragrances that remained in her heart when she moved to Rome at age 25 to start her own business as an accountant.
The Eternal City and her pressing work for many years absorbed her completely. But over these long years everything has remained in memory, nothing has been erased, especially the passion for drawing and creating from a very young age, encouraged by her mother and two aunts who ran a small tailor shop.
It was a game to make the first jewel and then the second and then, Maria Patrizia Marra – Jewels.

Her handcrafted jewelry represents the bridge between yesterday and today, between Salento, her homeland, her fragrances, her sober countryside, the crystal clear sea and the new context of the modern city, of her even social evenings, of her meetings with showbiz personalities, without losing sight of the details of the refined craftsmanship of each piece of jewelry, made of bronze and silver.